We’ve spent many nights (and bottles of wine) pondering this question…

If you want the ‘put us in a box’ answer; We’re a digital agency and we help you achieve your marketing goals.

But that would be selling us short.

What we actually do is broken up into 3 MAIN AREAS:

There’s the easy to explain ‘SKILLS’ part:

We are a cross-functional team that can provide you with the following technical skillsets: SEO, AdWords, Social Media, Email Marketing and Automation, Digital Advertising and PPC, Web Development, UI Design, and Graphic Design. As well as CMO level marketing strategy, and soft-skills covered by Project and Account Management.

We even have a pretty graphic to illustrate the structure:

But every agency and their mum says they do these things.
Let’s take it up to the next level of what we do:
Marketing is getting much more challenging. There are countless tactics and then you throw technology into the mix which makes it feel insurmountable. This is where our strategists can combine knowledge across business, marketing, and technology to help figure out what to do and generate new ideas.

We help align business and marketing objectives by working with you to identify and plan the tasks necessary to achieve your goals. Followed by ongoing strategic review to ensure we are actually executing on what we planned.

Lastly (we’re getting really deep now), The often overlooked yet critical part of what we do is:
Knowledge and skills are great for helping us plan and providing potential, but structure helps us execute. We work with you to ensure the structures are in place so we can apply that knowledge and those skills to build on learnings and continuously improve.

It’s no good doing things if it’s not moving us forward over time. Structure is one of those things that we’ve discovered as essential through our experience working with dozens of clients. In fact, we see it as so crucial that we put together a whole page on ‘how we work’, which you can read more on here

Now you know ‘WHAT WE DO’, it’s time to get in touch so we can explore more specifically what we can do for you. So get in touch with us by emailing ask@leetdigital.com, or use our contact form below. We’ll be waiting!