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What Social Media Channel Fits You?

by | Nov 17, 2017 | Blog | 0 comments

When we say social media and do a campaign for social media, that does not necessarily mean you use all the social networks there is. That’s going to be too time-consuming! Unless you have a marketing leg that will do it for you. 😉

Besides, not all social media sites will be as effective because there are those that cater to select individuals.

For example, Tindr is a social media channel but it caters to romantic links.

LinkedIn is yet another channel but it’s for business profiles. So after deciding that you will do social media marketing, the next logical decision to make is what channels would fit your business?

There are big factors to weigh in on your decision. Some of those include the following:


  1. Who are on that social media channel?

You have to believe data from reliable sources because they would tell you a lot. Data from Digital insights show that 2.07 billion people are active on Facebook every month (this will increase year-on-year) while Twitter gets 255 million. Without a doubt, Facebook has the longest reach. But should you go to popular sites? Is size the best reason to market on social media?

Well, the answer can be a yes or a no. Of course, you want your social media network to be tipping with users but that will be of little good if the demographics of the users do not fit your business in any way. There are other factors to look into, in relation to size.

  • Competition: How many of your competition is on that social media network? Will that mean more competition?
  • Demographics: Are your customers active on social media?

You can look at other more relevant statistics to shed some light on these questions. Just scour the Internet, there are loads of information that you can discover. Spend enough time on research before jumping in your campaign.

  1. How does it fit my content?

Different social media networks cater to different kinds of content. Let’s do a quick run-down on the most popular. Based on information from Jason DeMers at Search Engine Land, the following are the seven different types of social networks:

  •  Twitter and Facebook are kitchen-sink networks.
  • Pinterest and Instagram are image-based networks.
  • YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion are video networks.
  • LinkedIn is a business-focused network.
  • Google My Business and Yelp are location-based networks.
  • Reddit is a niche network.

So which of these social marketing channels fit your content and strategy?

The right social media channel will reveal once you get the answers to these two questions.

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