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Tips on Work Life Balance For Entrepreneurs

by | Nov 2, 2017 | Blog | 0 comments

It’s this time of the year again when events are almost everywhere to get celebrated. But with these, comes the normal responsibilities of work and family. So, the question is, how can one balance work and life – both family and personal?



Well, if you give yourself a chance to look all over the web, you’ll find a lot of tips that could help you achieve or at least attempt this balance (people much so long for).  To save you the pain, we’ll give you these tips on how to (help you) achieve that feeling of happiness that comes from being able to have that work and life equilibrium. Of course, these tips comes from the dust of magic based on our work life balance experience. 



(1) Change Your Routine

Well, if you sleep too much, wakes up, eats breakfast and goes to work, then you’ll surely won’t be able to have quality time with the people you love.

So cut back on your routine.

If you are used to sleeping in perhaps it’s time to wake up earlier, exercise, get that morning sunshine and have that long-time chatter with your special someone. Or may be, if you’re too much into social media (you might not be aware of it) or TV or any gadget, cut it and see a big difference on how it impacts your life. It could be hard, that’s reality, but with discipline, it’s just peanuts!


(2) Stop Being A Perfectionist

One thing that frustrates people in their work and life, is that they are too much busy into projecting that things need to be perfect that they forget to see that a gazillion of time has already been consumed just because of that tiny dot. For, being a perfectionist, it consumes a person.

Admittedly, it’s not wrong to become a perfectionist but the idea here is, as you grow and life and work jive in, your responsibilities expand and attaining that ‘perfectness’ could be only in one over one-hundred – this results to you getting more and more frustrated.

So, instead of perfectionism, strive for excellence.

What’s the difference?

Perfectionism demoralizes you (you get frustrated trying to be perfect) while excellence gives you that sense of fulfilment. Which helps in work life balance, then?

Up to you.


(3) Have An Activity and People Checklist

This is just simple. One culprit in making the balance between work and life is that there are a lot of people and activities, useless, that eat out most of our time. Say, daily morning chatter with colleagues or night drinks without any reason, what come out of these two scenarios are one – lost time for productivity and two – another lost time for productivity.

So take time to check, ‘what’s making me productive and unproductive’? ‘What activities should I stop and continue doing’? Who needs me most and who do I feel comfortable and happy going with? See who and what matters, and focus on them. That’s it.


(4) Outsource, perhaps share?

If there’s too much work going on for you and you wish to spend a little more time with your ‘life’, take time to see what works you can outsource or share to others or delegate. Yes, you might spend a little but remember, that quality time is more precious than money.


(5) Exercise (what else!)

You’ve seen this coming. Exercise isn’t just healthy for you, it helps you clear your mind and releases hormones that lessen stress. Yep, let the stress get away. Stress is another culprit that makes people so frustrated that they lose that urge to balance life and work.

It makes them feel like they’re on edge and they can do nothing about it. Wrong. We all can have choices – that is, if we only can clear our heads from stress. So, exercise. You don’t need to go to the gym to exercise. Wake up early, invite your significant other to run, feel the sunshine and talk. See, that’s work life balance in one sentence. Please, don’t give yourself excuses that you’re tired – just please.


(6) Struck the Guitar

This is just something that says, always find time to do what you love – ALWAYS. Often, achieving work life balance is hard because we forget to see what’s really important in our lives or we lose that passion to work for what really desire.

For this not to happen, it’s always best to struck the guitar, whip the cream, get a massage, write a poem or sing a song. Meaning, if you love writing, find time to write – this helps you be glued on your perspective and goals – for you taste a flesh of yourself. Reminding who you want to become, what and who are important to you will inspire you to strive to have that balance.


(7) Sense of Control

If you sense that your business is failing then, all the more that you need to make time and release yourself from the illusion of control.


Do not be controlled by fear. Instead, be in control of yourself.

In our workplace at Leet Digital,  we encourage everyone of our team to always find the balance of life and work. It is essential that both be given the same amount of priority. For without that balance between your life and work, the two would suffer – it’s not a win-win.

Here’s the last take: Time is precious, always precious, but it’s not always there so you have to make it. If you want balance between your work and life, make time and think right.