This year, a plethora of new updates from Facebook has recently been executed to ensure tightened security, updated features for ad campaigns, mentorship programs and others involving augmented reality apps and preview test runs before you download the app in your newsfeed. These new Facebook updates will aid you with the opportunity to enhance your online presence and propel your business to greater heights by reaching your customers and creating collaborations with other businesses or partnerships.

We all know by now that Facebook marketing has been a viable asset for hundreds of businesses around the globe and helped a lot of businesses from start-ups to unicorns. According to Facebook’s chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg, there are now more than 50 million small businesses using Facebook to connect with their customers. With that amount of businesses that are ubiquitous online, you want to be the brand that would leave a mark and make a lasting impression – to your target audience and against your competitors.

These latest updates this year, however, has not been used by a lot of businesses. So why not be the company to utilize this and be ahead of others? With this year’s latest Facebook update, it’s time to unleash your company’s fullest advertising potential.

So here are the latest Facebook updates 2018 that you need to know:


Facebook recently deleted more than 650 accounts, groups and pages for inauthentic behaviour that was associated with counties from Iran and Russia (see transparency report here). They were able to track down these accounts through their IP addresses and locations. The good news is that Facebook can now cite fake users and troll accounts. Along with that, they are going to become stringent about transparency in Facebook ads. These Facebook updates force business owners to become more vigilant and ethical when it comes to using Facebook ads.


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Wouldn’t it be nice if you want to do final touch-ups such as choosing filters and adding logos within Facebook? The latest updates got you covered. Now, the ads manager mobile app allows the user to edit their photos in-app. You can now crop, use templates, add shapes, stickers and many more for that perfect Facebook ads post.


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People can now find mentors and mentees in groups! Imagine a program that enables admins to produce mentorship programs like “How to Create A Powerful IMC Plan” or programs that are in a lesson/step by step format such as “7 Ways to Gain Traffic for your website” or “Propose anything you want to a client”.

The mentorship program can do that!

Anyone who is interested can either sign up as a mentee or a mentor and both parties are matched together. Think about it as a classroom setting where each student gets individual attention. By also allowing the mentee to give feedback to the mentor and vice versa. As each step has been successfully completed by the mentee within the program, they can build mutual beneficial relationship with the mentor and the program administrator eventually. This would be a smart way to find people you should know or possibly to market your business or yourself as well.

4. WATCH VIDEOS in synch with members in GROUPS

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It allows admins and moderators in a group to select any public video that is on Facebook, share it in the group, and then to host a “watch party”. Where everyone watches the video in synch and adds commentary in “real time.” The concept of watch party is fun! A shared viewing experience with everyone is like having all your friends in your living room watching a game of football or cricket in the arvo. Try it with your group!


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If you want to truly know how long consumers watched your video ads, where exactly by the second did they leave and how you can improve your Facebook ads videos even more; this recent update can help you with that. The recent video metrics doesn’t really guarantee retention. What it brings is an assessment on how users interact with your content by the amount of time they stayed watching or even replaying your video ads. Think about this as an involuntary survey by checking the user’s actions on where they skipped, stopped, repeated or sometimes paused your video ads when playing.


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As of lately, tons of gaming apps actually use this technique to feature another advertising game within the app. Facebook also decided to step in with that strategy. Gaming apps can now be previewed via sponsored post in a format on which users are able play for a few seconds, get them interested, and hopefully download your app. Having the Facebook users interact and engage with your gaming app first before downloading it saves you a lot of time to know if your gaming app is good or not. As users will be scrolling through their feed, they will eventually see your app and would have a prompt sign that says “Try this game before installing it” or “tap to try “.


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If your business is a restaurant, coffee shop or even a small art gallery that needs more exposure around your area, this one’s definitely the right tool for you. The new local feature enables the people around or near your business to locate you. You can also add your menu and relevant pricing so that customers who gave reviews will be collectively gathered to see which one you can promote as best seller or customer recommended all in just the tips of your fingers through your mobile phone. They can also book, order and make a reservation through your page.


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Make-up, sunglasses, hats, necklaces you name it! Augmented reality will let your potential customers try your products first before buying. Although we know that it is not the real thing, at least this feature allows your products to be virtually tested so to speak before they buy. Highly interactive and cool ways to sell your product can definitely be a fun way to use Facebook marketing. It engages your consumers and we all know how virtual reality can be so fun and exciting. Usually, consumers have to physically go to the retailer’s store in order to try a pair of glasses or swatch a lipstick. With this technological feature, they save time and money.

To conclude, as a start-up business, you need to always be aware of the latest social media updates in all of your social media platforms. Facebook marketing has been an amazing tool for millions of businesses around the world. As each update gets more refined and advanced, leverage that as an opportunity for your business to grow. Always remember, in a sea of competitors, whoever does it first does not necessarily mean they succeed in the long run. Innovativeness can only take you further but perseverance will always prevail.

I hope these recent updates will be utilised efficiently by your company. Strike the iron while its hot!

Good luck!