The first paid advert was released in 1836 by a French newspaper called ‘La Presse‘ and since that moment onwards, advertising has been carefully and blatantly woven into our lives.

But if you’re reading this you want to understand how to create a high converting digital ad. So, let’s put one’s feelings aside about advertising and discuss what creates a strong performing ad online.

A recent study indicated that the number of people who buy directly from social ads is small because the majority still prefer and trust purchasing via a website, eBay, Amazon or in a traditional brick and mortar. The thought here is that customers need to experience their shopping process, whether online or physically and move through various stages of engagement.

A carefully thought out advert will indeed send good, qualified traffic to your website but do not expect that your social ads with the ‘Buy Now’ button to perform as well as your website. These social ads help position your product to a wider audience in a compressed and engaging marketplace but pushing for sales immediately won’t work as well.

Instead of ticking the ‘Buy Now’ button, click the ‘Learn More’ more button. This encourages a potential buyer to go the branding journey you have created for them, which statistically proves to have a better conversion rate.

So, why is it that the ‘Learn More’ button is more effective than the ‘Buy Now’?

Firstly, it is less intrusive and more aligned with the idea that people are inquisitive by nature more so than impulsive. Don’t get me wrong, we are definitely impulsive, but when selling you need to create a comfortable environment to nurture impulses into informed decisions.

Secondly, the ‘Buy Now’ button feels more like a bigger commitment than the ‘Learn More’ button. There is no pressure in learning more and no time restraints on when one can learn more. But with ‘Buy Now’, people feel subconsciously pressured which therefore means they need to find an ideal time and place to make the purchase. Normally at home after working hours, by which point the impulse may have died down. But if you take them on a buying journey, that is an experience they will continue to feel and seek once relaxed and ready.

A recent survey of US internet users found out that 65% of them prefers to learn more about a product rather than to buy directly as a result of the ad.
So, we did a simple test with one of our client’s adverts and created an AB test of ‘Learn More’ VS ‘Buy Now’. All ads have the same segment, interests, creatives, captions and links, the only thing different was that button message. After a month of having the ad up, we found out that the ‘Learn More’ button had a 21% higher click-through rate when compared to the ‘Buy Now’ button; resulting in more sales.

This metric adds to the argument that people aren’t using social platforms to buy products but more to socialize and learn more about the brands they are following.

Social media advertising is a core segment of you traffic drivers that help reach, engage and educate those about your brand and position them on a carefully constructed journey.

Happy Days!