The Challenge

To promote the upcoming home release of the movie ‘The Martian’ in Australia,  Fox was organizing PR stunt where a Mars One Candidate would be locked in a specially built habitat in the middle of Circular Quay in Sydney for 5 Days. The activation required multiple elements including a website where live camera feeds from inside the habitat could be streamed and a  Facebook Page which Leet Digital was tasked to create and help manage.

The site and page needed to reflect the style and feel of the movie and contain the following multiple elements:

  1. Live feeds from 2 GoPro cameras inside the habitat
  2. A Facebook and Twitter feed of the Facebook and Twitter pages
  3. Display real-time weather on Mars
  4. A Spotify playlist of the movie soundtrack
  5. Be updated each day as the activation progressed
  6. Contain email database building features
  7. Be fully mobile responsive; and,
  8. Couldn’t be built on the  WordPress platform.

The Solution

A fully mobile responsive website integrating all required elements and built on Joomla. Livestream feeds integrated using To handle the potentially large amount of traffic, hosting was handled through Amazon Web Services.


Total minutes viewed of the livestream feed


Total reach across the website and facebook page